Building a multi-million-pound property business is the residue of delayed gratification.

Success isn’t luck, it’s crafted. Life isn’t linear, it is exponential. We believe in applying the principles of compound interest, and we install it within our property business. To us, building long term sustainable wealth and creating financial independence, is the result of purchasing income generating assets that appreciate over an extended period of time.

We Do Property Education Differently

The traditional method of property education is broken, so we came up with our own. We don’t follow, we create through innovation to improve the lives of people. Instead of teaching property as individual strategies in classrooms and 3-day courses, we broke down the building blocks and mechanics of growing a successful property business, into an exact science that provides lifetime access to a revolutionary model.

Whilst the current property education market remains distorted through chaos and disorder, we teach self-discipline and get our students focused, based on their individual circumstances. Developing self-discipline that emulates that of a monk is the road to financial freedom.

We understand that most people get trapped in the realm of concepts. People can ponder deeper knowledge all their life, and sometimes even explain them eloquently, but until our students actually apply them, they hold no real value.

We are thinker-doers

We teach our students to have the mind of the thinker, but the tenacity of a doer. This breed of specimen procreates and achieves things beyond most people’s wildest dreams.


Most property education programmes teach individual strategies. They break down property into individual 2 or 3 day courses in a classroom environment. They have about 10 different products and they try and sell everything to everyone, regardless of their individual circumstances. They have become property generalists. They use a linear education system that resembles the movement on a treadmill. The student consumes impersonalised information and then is expected to achieve real world results without systems and processes.

We believe there is a big gap and void within the current property education system, that needs filling, if you teach just strategies this a recipe for a disaster. Property investing is a real business, that requires business systems to build anything meaningful.

We Filled That Void

“Whilst everyone else is following, we drive against the status quo, and question the unquestionable.”

THE NEW WAY… uses technology and a new way of educating people on how to get started in property investing. We restore things closer to the truth, and stick to the fundamentals of building a property business that has been proven and is responsible for creating 90 percent of self-made millionaires. We subtract when everyone else is adding. We provide an environment of building blocks and property systems that are done for you, along with mental reprogramming, real life application and work on iteration and feedback, so you can optimize your success and achieve sustainable long term wealth.

How Our Method Works

Traditional property education programmes leave students paralysed and not being able to take action, they lack systems and know how. They tell you what to do, but not how to do it. We provide the property building blocks and systems coupled with an immersive environment, and then we let emergence happen.

Circle Of Abundance

A student’s ability to create life-changing results and their ability to grow and develop, is heavily influenced by the people that they hold in their company. We create an environment of property entrepreneurs and millionaires. We provide the ultimate learning environment, with an online community, accountability, live Q&As and mentorship.

Property Brain Transplant

80% of a person’s property success is based around their mind-set. For the everyday person, their mind-set needs to be reprogrammed, so that they can achieve their dreams and eliminate self-sabotaging behavioural patterns and past limiting beliefs. We go to work on mental programming and raise your self-awareness, cognition and build the layers to a property growth mind-set.

Real-life Financial Goals

We don’t reward our students with pieces of paper and degrees. University degrees and certificates provide people with knowledge and ideas rather than events, and don’t reflect reality. They put people in jobs. Whilst, we value people with degrees and hold them in high regard, we prefer to help our students achieve real life financial goals, so that they can secure their future and buy back their time.

Property Building Blocks

Students are unique and creative; we encourage entrepreneurial flair. Unlike society and other training programs that often kill that part, we provide our students with the foundations and tools to get started, and let them assemble the building blocks in whatever way they like, based on their individual circumstances and creativity.

Real-life Application

People are programmed to believe theory and practical are the same. In reality, they are not. We provide the theory and then apply it to the real world and monitor outcomes. We teach our students to deliver to the market needs. This means buying properties and giving the market what it wants. Nothing in life is static, we teach you to be adaptable, not rigid.

Real-life Feedback

Building a multi-million-pound property portfolio requires you to operate on feedback. We teach our students to analyse market trends and data, so that you can iterate and improve. This helps our students to buy good solid property investments, that become predictable and reliable.

Here’s What Our Students Are Saying

How To Start & Grow A “Hyper-Profitable” Property Business

On this online masterclass, Richard shares with you exactly how he went from feeling unfulfilled in his corporate job where he was stuck trading his time for money to building a multi-million property portfolio and replacing his original salary whilst freeing up time to live life on his terms.