To change the future of property education forever and educate every human being on earth, how to create long term sustainable wealth through passive income from property.

We believe that there are fundamentals missing from the current education and employment system that leave people me feeling trapped, unfulfilled, frustrated and soulless, leaving people worried about their financial security now and for the future.

As a result, everyday people end up trading their valuable time for hard-earned money. The traditional path of school, university and corporate employment mean that people end up working until they are 60 to receive a pension, that isn’t enough. This makes no sense to us. We understand that people work for 40 yeas to get their time back. This is backwards thinking because when they do get their time back, their pension is far too little to really enjoy their life and live life to the fullest. For a lot of people, the epiphany moment happens at the age of 60. Richard’s Dad was one of them, so he knows first-hand the painful problem that this can have.

At financial-freedom-through-property.com we understand that time isn’t just a commodity, time is the only thing that matters. You can make more money, but you can never get your time back

Even a £1,000,000 pension will not be enough to live a life of freedom and choice.

Through financial-freedom-through-property.com our mission is to send the elevator down and help everyday people start and grow a successful property business, so that they can enjoy passive income much earlier on in their lives, so that they can stop trading their valuable time for hard-earned money and live lives of freedom and choice.

But this is only one part of our mission. Richard identified a painful problem in the property education market, and so his mission is to fix this too.

The traditional routes of classroom education and overwhelming information given at a fast pace, meant that people were unable to take action on their property knowledge, they felt the information was too vague, too generalised and so they were coming out still lacking the confidence and expert knowledge to proceed.

More importantly they had a book full of notes, that made no sense after the seminar and they couldn’t recall the information, they had no business systems in place and they didn’t even mention cashflow forecasts and how to run a business. They missed out the foundations and just taught property strategies.

However, the biggest problem, was that Richard noticed that the average price to get educated in property was £20,000 or more. Richard didn’t feel this was value, and so Richard is on a mission to bring things closer to the truth and give people real value, at an affordable price.

We provide in-depth education at a price for people that allows them an opportunity to get started.

At financial-freedom-through-property.com we believe that the property education market has gotten distorted. Our mission is to create a new way of educating people that gives life-time access, with dedicated support systems for a fraction of the price. We want people to spend their money buying properties, not on having to pay £20,000 which is their next house deposit on property education and access to information.

We are on a mission to educate people, leaving no stone left unturned, nothing held back and everything that you need to get started in property. We have dedicated our time and resources to making the first e-learning platform for property.

We are revolutionising the property education market with a new model of education that brings back value, from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, from anywhere in the world on any device. We bring tech and real life people together to hold your hand as you grow your property business.

Real Life Experiences By Everyday People

At financial-freedom-through-property.com we never forget that our programs are for the people. They’re not for profits. We are focused on building and improving our products and taking the pain, so that our customers don’t have to. The profits follow, and if we have remembered that the profits never fail to appear.

People are always before profits at financial-freedom-through-property.com. We remember why we started and never lose sight of our vision and our mission.

The problems of the traditional property education model, written by the people:

“I have done previous property education courses before I came across Rich and financial-freedom-through-property.com. I hadn’t been able to progress prior, because the classroom learning environment was too fast paced and the information given, I felt was not particularly ‘real life’. The information was too vague, no nitty gritty details. I didn’t feel like I could just go and crack on.”

Adel Tyson

“Sarah and I have both said, that we feel we have paid you the least across all the property education courses we have done and learnt the most.”

Kevin Hopkins

“I had done a previous property education program before which cost me over £20,000. Although some of it was in-depth, it still wasn’t broken down which was confusing. For the most part, it didn’t cover enough and it was just a bombardment of information with no time for it to sink in.”

Louis Burrows

“I am angry about how much money I have spent on past property education courses, that didn’t give me any value. I didn’t have the confidence to take any action after spending over £20,000 which I put on a credit card. One thing that worries me now is my ability to pay it back, but thankfully the training systems provided at financial-freedom-through-property.com are helping me to get out of this situation and I am making huge progress for the first time.”

Judy Utchanah



We believe that people are capable of achieving all of their dreams, and living life on their terms. The problem is people weren’t taught financially literacy at school and have been pre-conditioned to a way of thinking that is frugal. We want to open up the floodgates to how the 1% of the world population think to make their money work hard for them.


We believe that the current education and employment system is fundamentally flawed, and we know that you need more than just a pension to live life on your terms that gives you a life of freedom and choice.


We believe that knowledge is power and that the greatest asset that we have as a human being is our mind, we want to fuel it daily and make it grow. We believe the unthinkable is possible.


We believe that people learn best at different paces and it takes them different time frames to build a property growth mind-set. We know that regardless of the time-frames, everyone can achieve financial freedom through property, if they follow the step-by-step systems and do the work.


We believe in creating new ways of doing things, that improve things. We drive against the status quo and believe in questioning everything. We believe in operating based on facts and figures, not guesswork and hear say. We don’t follow, we lead.


We believe that we have the best property education program on the planet, and offer complete value. We believe in less is more, and life is more about subtraction than addition. We believe in restoring things closer to the truth.

Here’s What Our Students Are Saying

How To Start & Grow A “Hyper-Profitable” Property Business

On this online masterclass, Richard shares with you exactly how he went from feeling unfulfilled in his corporate job where he was stuck trading his time for money to building a multi-million property portfolio and replacing his original salary whilst freeing up time to live life on his terms.