Hi, I’m Richard Norris.

I grew up in England to a normal, working-class family. My Dad was the breadwinner and enjoyed a successful career. He worked so many hours in his corporate job that I hardly ever saw him when I was growing up. I was taught to work hard, live frugally, and to excel at school, before heading off into an office job with prospects.

With a sister who landed a first class degree in Law, and myself having landed a well paid internship in construction, we were both considered to be family “success” stories.

Financially Independent Property Investor, Developer

AND Founder of

My First Realisation

Getting distinctions and rapidly climbing the corporate ladder, by the age of 23, I was running my own projects and being paid handsomely. I bought my first house in Oxford, the most unaffordable city in the UK. I appeared successful, but I was unhappy, unfulfilled, and even depressed.

At the time, my Mum was the PA to a wealthy family.  I started to take an interest in what they did to make their money. They were property investors.

I was once invited to the Family Home. It sat behind imposing gates with a security code. Once through the large gates, parked in front of a mansion I saw a range of super cars. Stunned by this kind of wealth, I sat there in the car and said “This is what I want”.

A good friend, who now happens to be my devoted partner, had a very wealthy uncle. Their family were always taking trips to the Middle East, enjoying wonderful experiences surrounded by wealth on another level.

Realising that the source of the Uncle’s wealth was, again, property I made the connection of property and wealth creation, understanding, first-hand, how it could change people’s lives and allow them to live a life of complete freedom, where they no longer had to trade their time for hard-earned money.

Up until this point, a £50,000 a year salary was success, a six-figure salary was extraordinary success.

Flying business class. Having a nice car. Going out to dinner whenever. That was “rich” in my world.

But I began to think differently about success and how I could set up my own property business and start investing too.

However, I had very little capital, no knowledge of property investing. I didn’t know where to start and allowed fear to govern me. I fell back into what I knew, the corporate world.

How failure can manifest itself into your biggest success

In going back into the corporate world, I had listened to the advice of those around me. “Property is risky……. you can lose a lot of money you know…… you need lots of money to get started”.

I had taken a job in medical devices as a sales rep. I worked hard and I was motivated by the potential to make a six-figure salary. However, I was chasing the money and the perks and not following my passion. Too scared of change, I felt lost and carried on anyway.

Having said that, I am very good at being laser focused and strong minded to achieve my goals, even if it’s not something that necessarily fulfils me at the time. If I identify something that has potential I go after it. I never do anything without 110% commitment.

This tenacity and focus enabled me to do well and land a move with a promotion.  I was employed, at just 25 years old, to help set up the UK operation of an international business and deliver a new innovative product to the market. Paid a basic salary of over £50,000 a year, and driving an Audi A5 black edition I, and everyone around me, thought I had hit the jack pot. However, something was lacking, I wasn’t following my passion and the pay checks weren’t cutting it, I felt completely unfulfilled, I knew something needed to change. I was tired of trading my time for hard-earned money, I knew my earnings and lifestyle were capped, I didn’t feel in control and I wanted to be self-sufficient, and spend more time doing the things that I wanted to do. I wanted to feel fulfilled doing something that I believed in and had a passion for.

My first real business lesson was about to face me head on. The Company failed in the UK, but flourished overseas. My hopes were frustrated and I was made redundant.

My Second Realisation

Just before I was made redundant, my Dad, who had worked for 41 years and 3 months was made redundant too. He had climbed the career ladder successfully, thought that his job security was robust, and that a pension he had worked years to accumulate was going to provide well for him in retirement.

My Dad, got made redundant at the age of 57 with a £1,000,000 pension. A £1,000,000 pension provides anywhere between £23,000 and £36,000 gross income per annum, around £2,200 a month on average. He had been working 41 years, day and night to end up with £2,200 a month! No luxury holidays, a frugal retirement and definitely not a life of freedom and choice.

The £1,000,000 pension is not what it seems

This is when I realised that society’s education system was flawed. It was backwards thinking that lead people to follow a system and a paradigm that served one agenda, their agenda. I mean you work for 41 years to finally buy back your time, and you cannot afford to enjoy life to the fullest. A frugal mentally creates a frugal retirement. I wasn’t about to make the same mistake.

Getting started in Property

Shortly after my Dad got made redundant, I took him along to a 3 day property event, a seminar about how to get started in property investing.

If I could educate my Dad, I could find my first joint venture partner and we could put some of our money together and get started. With only £12,000 to invest of my own money, I was learning the art of using other people’s money and how to joint venture with people who do have money to buy property.

By day 3 we had signed away £24,000, a huge sum, just to learn some of the knowledge that we needed in order to start our own property business.

I will come onto our painful experiences later on.

I was determined to make this work and we had invested £24,000 in ourselves so we had to make it work now. I was still employed at the time regularly flying overseas, I was waking up at 03:00am and getting home at midnight. Doing 80 hours a week, travelling the country trying to sell medical products and failing miserably, but focusing on property investing too having set up a side line property portfolio on the side.

Contacting sourcing agents and arranging viewings every Saturday, I became extremely efficient with my time and highly effective in leveraging other people’s money, time and experience. Within 6 months I had bought four HMO properties at a profit of £1,000 per calendar month each.

I was financially free, and we had doubled my Dads pension with just 4 property deals.

Redundancy allowed me to follow my passion, running the property business full time. Going from strength to strength based on hard work and a simple rule:

The market rewards you, if it wants what you have.

I obsessively researched target locations across the UK making sure that I understood the market before I started buying stock. I realised every property strategy can work if it’s the right strategy for that part of the country.

I learned to apply this approach to each and every investment and development project. I build to the demand of the market that I am in.

Painful Problems

Whilst, I was starting to become successful in property investing, I had no processes or business systems to follow, no templates, and a ton of notes from the training seminars, that made no sense after the event. Inexperienced, overwhelmed and frustrated, I ditched the remaining training events and resolved to crack on, get my head down, and find a way to make it happen.

Realising that there had to be a better of way of doing this, I reached out to others who had taken the training, at great expense, but who had struggled to make sense of it and deliver the results.

I listened to their frustrations:

“For the most part it didn’t cover enough and it was just a bombardment of information with no time for it to sink in. Even after attending the seminars I couldn’t take action, I still felt I had a lack of understanding, not knowing how to proceed”.

“I felt that the course didn’t go into sufficient depth enough which meant that there was a lack of knowledge on my behalf and very little support.”

“I didn’t like the classroom learning, not particularly “real life”, no nitty gritty details. I didn’t feel like I could go and crack on”.

Training with Richard Norris – financialfreedomthroughproperty.com

There are a lot of property education companies offering seminars and 3 day workshops. What they have in common is that they give people only a piece of the puzzle. Often focussed on the principles of what to do, but not how to do it, information is far too generalised to be acted on.

Some of the leading property education companies break up the value that they offer into multiple pieces, enticing you to buy more without actually leaving you better off.

That is not how I wanted to run my business.

I wanted to give people, eager to change their lives, everything that they need in order to get started, and succeed, in property investing. I wanted to offer an all in one package, with upfront pricing, and a step by step processes that, if followed to the letter, will lead to inevitable success. Why? Because these are the steps that I have taken to build my multi-million-pound property portfolio and create my own Financial Freedom.

I wanted to go above and beyond, and be recognised for delivering the most valuable property education course available, whilst leading a revolution by putting it online with all the necessary support functions that provide a totally supportive approach. A totally new way and methodology of teaching property, helping people make their hard- earned money work harder for them, whilst growing their property business safely with confidence, predictability and complete certainty.

I want people to understand and learn from mine and my Dad’s experiences. Often pain is the best teacher, and when it came, boy did it hit hard. But I want to reach out to as many people as I can, to show them that there is a better way, and I want them to act now and take control of their financial futures, so they can secure a life of freedom and choice.

Today’s property education market is fundamentally flawed. Course costs are too high for most and costs in excess of £20,000 often leaves people struggling with the debt. I have clients who I am currently helping to overcome this problem. It’s painful and lacks integrity.

Through my own painful experiences, from my own property journey, I have built specific and clear systems, processes and methods that ensure that you have everything you need to achieve your dreams of financial freedom through property, with confidence. And unlimited access for life encourages learning at your own pace. We offer a completely new model that re-invents the wheel, and we believe we have created the perfectly engineered property alchemy, allowing everyday people to re-invent themselves to create life changing results.

Sitting in a classroom, with lots of generalised information, leaves people feeling overwhelmed, still seeking the confidence to just go out there and take action.

Looking into the future

I aspire to create a property movement and revolution. My journey has been painful, and it didn’t need to be this way. I want to help as many people as possible avoid the pain that I have experienced in my property education.

Property education is ready for revolution.

I provide a detailed and specific step by step process that I am continuously refining and improving to help my students get the best possible results in the shortest possible time. I genuinely want to help as many people as I can, change their lives for the better.

Anyone can achieve their dreams when they have the right guidance, coupled with the right mind-set.

My current students have become great friends and potential joint venture partners for the future. Together, we are changing and improving our lives and our collaboration helps everyone to win. Winning alone is soulless, winning together is a movement.

What began as a struggle, has helped me to evolve myself and my business, the new property revolution is here and I’d love for you to be a part of it and join me.

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