Judy Utchanah

“I’d never bought a property before, I was a complete newbie. Other training I’d attended assumed I knew the process and missed out a huge part which held me back. This training immediately addressed that concern for me and now I know I can do it.”

Adel Tyson

“Just knowing that you have a residual income in the background really creates a feeling of security.”

Kevin Hopkins

“I learned it’s not about relying on something you think, but more about finding the facts. Due diligence and market research are essential and easy when you taught me how.”

Rachel Bragg

“Life was racing me by and I was stuck working long shifts and overtime. I didn’t have the time to spend with my friends and family. This have given me control over my life again both from a time and income perspective.”

Nicky Smithers

“This has been a really great training process, you have everything covered. I have not found this with the other training platforms I’ve been with. Richard has an honesty and integrity which is unrivaled.”

Louis Burrows

“The formulas and spreadsheets in the program make it so simple to work out the numbers. It’s all automated and pulls up all the information you need from area prices to yield and return on investment enabling me to make the right decision.”

Sarah O’Callaghan

“You gave me the confidence that I can actually go out there are do this myself.”


How To Start & Grow A “Hyper-Profitable” Property Business


On this online masterclass, Richard shares with you exactly how he went from feeling unfulfilled in his corporate job where he was stuck trading his time for money to building a multi-million property portfolio and replacing his original salary whilst freeing up time to live life on his terms.