Online versus Face to Face

If you have anything more than just a slight interest in property investing and development it won’t have escaped your notice that there are a plethora of property education providers promoting the property dream over the internet. You have probably already witnessed online promotions like join our discovery day, and we will show you how to get started without capital.

In my opinion, the property education market has lost sight of the truth, and many people fall victim to this trap. I currently have many students who have experienced the painful problems, that I am about to share with you in this article.

More to the point, the conventional route of property education has several flaws that need fixing.

While, I agree that the offers made by these types of property education companies look extremely enticing through their modest entry levels and projected returns on investment, unless you have some experience already, knowing exactly where to start your own property portfolio can be challenging.

Education – the key to your property investment success

Would you get behind the controls of a plane and fly to the Maldives, without learning how to charter it first? Of course not, then why would you start a property business without learning what to do and how to do it?

While, I fully appreciate and support the notion that pain is the best teacher, and the way we often learn is by making our own mistakes through failure and feedback, property investing is one area where you will want to avoid them altogether if possible.

Mistakes made when investing your hard-earned money into bricks and mortar can not only be the most expensive mistakes that you are likely to incur in your entire life, but it can equally be more painful than pretty much any other error that you can endure as a human being.

Full disclosure; I have made some costly mistakes that could have easily been avoided had I been: a) educated better, b) taken more time to learn the expert knowledge required when I first started my property business.

Therefore, in the absence of experience and expert knowledge, property education and the opportunity to learn from and engage with an interactive community of experienced property entrepreneurs, are likely to be the difference between success and failures.

The conventional route to property education (old)

The traditional method used to educate the uninformed has always been around seminars and classroom-based learning. This can prove both costly and inconvenient, especially if you need to travel and stopover. To get yourself entirely educated in property the average price is around £20,000. For most people, this is the deposit for their first property.

Furthermore, from my own personal experience and from other students that I am actively working with, I have found that those people with a full-time job or a business to operate, have great difficulty actually finding the time to attend sessions, such as 3-day workshops that fit around their lifestyle. This can often adversely affect their learning. They either miss the sessions and have a gap in their knowledge, which can not only be detrimental to the success and growth of their property business, but it also means, they have wasted their money.

Other significant flaws with the current model of property education programmes that I have found, from conducting my market research is that people often feel:

The information was too vague and left them without complete confidence to get started.

The information given was delivered at such a fast pace, that they couldn’t take it all in.

After the event, they had no way of going back to refresh what they had learnt, which meant that they were missing critical pieces of the jigsaw.

They had spent so much money on their property education, that they didn’t have enough money left to invest in their first property deal to get started.

After the event, there were minimal support networks to help them build momentum.

However, for the initiated the biggest problem that I see with the conventional property education system, is that they just teach an abundant of property strategies without correctly teaching the core foundations and fundamental aspects to growing a property business. Such as cash flow forecasting, project management, funding appraisals and feasibility studies and so much more. There is a huge void that needs filling for anyone who wants to get started in property but lacks the experience and knowledge.

A brand new innovative learning approach (new)

Although online learning platforms have been around in some form or another for a few years now, very few are operated by owners who have a vested interest in property development itself and are therefore teaching strategies that they don’t deploy themselves.

I have a meme on my desk at work that says, “Those that do teach best.”

At we only teach strategies that we do ourselves and have been proven and battle-tested to work.

A lot of the other online property education platforms aren’t all-encompassing and do not have the capability with expert systems to take a complete novice through to a specialist property investor. They often have a single client in mind and teach one specific property strategy.

There are, however, a select handful of excellent online learning platforms, providing the highest levels of education in all aspects of property development and investing.

Filling the void (revolutionary model)

What I have noticed from studying the property education market in great detail, is the absence of a framework that breaks down the mechanics of starting and growing a property business using the correct building blocks.

An online revolutionary program that brings technology and real-life people together. A program that uses a blended approach that combines both online learning and real-life hand holding support, from real life experts.

I created to fill that void, with over 60 plus hours of online learning and 2 x weekly Q&As every single week. Plus 24/7/365 support mechanisms dedicated to holding your hand throughout your property journey, giving our students a hands-on, supportive approach to ensure that they have the complete confidence and knowledge to grow their property portfolio with certainty and predictability.

Why choose the online revolutionary property education model?

This is an in-depth online learning platform brought to you at a totally disruptive price. The platform allows individuals to go through the program at their own pace, in their own time, from the comfort of their own home, from any device, anywhere in the world.

All the online training goes into extensive detail, with no stone left unturned and then at the end of each training module, you will have access to our purpose-built property systems especially formulated for you. Plus, action items with workflow processes so that you can take action and apply your learning to your property business enabling you to get real-life results.

Every completed part of the course is available for reference, and we offer lifetime access to our interactive community of property entrepreneurs who have access to capital for joint venture deals. We also provide lifetime access to 2 x live Q&As each and every week, so that you can build momentum and get expert mentorship on demand, as you grow your property business.

A revolutionary model that you will not find anywhere else on the planet.

How To Start & Grow A “Hyper-Profitable” Property Business

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